Quality Growth Investor Conference


Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster

Since being opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1986, The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre has been the venue for thousands of successful events. Located on the ground floor, the Churchill Auditorium is a superb conference facility for up to 700 delegates. It has hosted some of the most influential speakers from around the world. The room has a slightly raked floor, allowing excellent sight lines to the built-in stage. It also has the benefit of being equipped with excellent technology and is fully air conditioned.

If you need a hotel for the conference, you can book it here.

How to get there:

Westminster station – Jubilee, Circle and District lines.
St James’ Park station – Circle and District lines.
Victoria station – Victoria, Circle and District lines.

The QEII is within easy walking distance of Victoria, Charing Cross and Waterloo mainline stations.

Buses 11, 24, 148 and 211 pass the door.
Buses 3, 12, 53, 53X, 87, 88, 109, 159 and 453 stop nearby.

Heathrow, Gatwick, City, Stansted and Luton, all serve central London.

The QE II are pleased to be able to offer all delegates discounted parking with the Q-Park Westminster car park, which is located just a short distance away on Great College Street, SW1P 3RX. Discounts of 10% are available on pre-booked parking. To receive your discount please visit www.q-park.co.uk and enter the promotional code ‘QEII’ when making your booking in the pre booking area. Alternatively please click on the following link: https://bookings.parkmagic.net/cpreservations/booking.aspx?mi=140&cp=73&pc=QE11&ds=1


Event venue address

QE II Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary
SW1P 3EE London

Join us on 4th November 2021

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  • ““Growth is always a component in the calculation of value, constituting a variable whose importance can range from negligible to enormous and whose impact can be negative as well as positive”

    Warren Buffett
  • “Growth and Value are joined at the hip”
    Joel Greenblatt
  • “I don’t love Ben Graham and his ideas the way Warren does…Ben Graham had a lot to learn as an investor”
    Charlie Munger
  • “Growth and Value are joined at the hip”
    Joel Greenblatt
  • “I am so tired and fatigued with this ‘growth versus value’ argument”
    Robert Hagstrom
  • “Graham & Dodd investors are people who place a very high price on having the last laugh. In exchange for that privilege they have missed out on a lot of laughs inbetween.”
    Michael Lewis

  • “By what principle is it that when we see nothing but improvement behind us, we are to expect nothing but deterioration before us?”

    Thomas Babington Macaulay

  • “The stock of a growing company, if purchasable at a suitable price, is obviously preferable to others.”

    Benjamin Graham

  • “It is natural and proper to prefer a business which is large and well managed, has a good record, and is expected to show increased earnings in the future. But these expectations, though seemingly well-founded, often fail to be realized. Many leading enterprises of yesterday are today far back in the ranks. Tomorrow is likely to tell a similar story.”

    Benjamin Graham and David Dodd
  • Questioner:
    “I keep hearing people like Doug Kass say that buy and hold
    investing is dead. Do you think that’s true?”
    Warren Buffett:
    “Well, it depends what you buy and hold.”
  • “The Stock Market is designed to transfer money from the Active to the Patient.”
    Warren Buffett
  • “As time goes on, I get more and more convinced that the right method in investment is to put fairly large sums into enterprises which one thinks one knows something about and in the management of which one thoroughly believes.”
    John Maynard Keynes
  • “The whole ‘growth and value’ debate I personally feel is nonsensical in a way because why would you consciously overpay for anything?”
    Rajiv Jain
  • “Rapid growth can be a misleading indicator of added value because it can be generated simply by pouring capital into a business.”
    G. Bennett Stewart
  • “Investment is most intelligent when it is most business-like”
    Benjamin Graham